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Passengers with disabilities

We invite all passengers on board our vehicles. We will do everything to help those who have difficulty in walking and those who use wheelchairs on a daily basis.
In the case of people using wheelchairs on a daily basis who are able to enter the vehicle, the trolleys will be placed in the luggage compartment, and the driver will help them to take a seat in the chair.
People who use wheelchairs on a daily basis, who must stay in the wheelchairs during the trip, will not be able to use the ride. 
Please contact us by phone on 00 48 784 276 704 no later than 3 working days before the planned trip and agreeing with our employee the conditions of transporting a disabled person. We recommend that persons with disabilities travel in the company of an accompanying person (eg a relative or guardian), because in the event of an unforeseen need, the driver may not be able to stop the vehicle immediately and provide assistance.