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Frequently asked questions

Does Venture Bus provide child safety seats?
- We have car seats and stands but it is possible to take your own car seat.

Can I carry a wheelchair?
- Carriage of wheelchairs is allowed and free - we take carts that can be folded and placed in the trunk. (We are asking for a phone reservation and informing us of the necessity to take a wheelchair.)

Can I take my laptop on the bus?
- Yes, you can take your laptop with you on the bus.

How to order a ride - ticket.

The ticket can be purchased online or by phone. To purchase a ticket via the Internet:
1. Go to the website or call 0048 784 276 704 or 0048 600 426 476 (the cost of a ticket ordered by phone may be higher by 20%)
2. Find the connection you are interested in and press the Find connection button
3. Familiarize yourself with the search results and select the most convenient connection by selecting the appropriate route and clicking on the Add to basket button
4. Check the contents of the basket, read the summary, and then select the Go to payment button.
5. Make a payment by entering personal data (ie phone number and, possibly, first name, last name and e-mail address), and then press the Pay button
6. After the payment has been made, the system sends a confirmation SMS (please do not reply to the message)

Is it possible to drive from the house to the house (from the address to the address indicated by the passenger)?
Of course, it is possible to take a passenger straight from the house and take it to the address indicated. Booking such a ticket is possible only by phone 0048 784 276 704 or 0048 600 426 476 (every day from 10:00 to 19:00). The cost of such a journey is determined individually and depends on the number of places ordered and the distance traveled to the addresses indicated.

Is it possible to change the purchased ticket?
- Changes related to the change of the departure date can be made by phone no later than 24 hours before departure (this may involve the additional payment of 20% of the ticket price valid for the new departure date).

How to cancel a ride?
- The journey can be canceled ONLY by telephone on 0048 784 276 704 or 0048 600 426 476
- Reimbursement for cancellations is reduced by service costs, or 20% of the ticket price. 
- Cancellation of the journey less than 24 hours before the departure of the bus costs 50% of the ticket price. 
- If you do not attend a booked trip or cancel your reservation for 3 hours before you leave the bus, it costs 100% of the ticket price.

How to receive a VAT invoice?
- If you wish to receive a VAT invoice, please send an e-mail to by entering the subject "VAT invoice", and in the content of the e-mail, please provide the invoice details: name and surname, address details and date of travel. The VAT invoice is sent electronically.

How to book a place for a disabled person?
- To reserve a place for a disabled person, please call 0048 784 276 704 or 0048 600 426 476 (standard rates for calls apply) asking if the place is available. People with disabilities do not incur additional costs related to the carriage of a folding wheelchair.

Can I make group reservations?
- Group transport can be booked by phone. For groups, we can organize a trip outside of the timetable and from other places. We have 8 and 17 passenger buses for group transport. We provide a quote for this service by email:

What to do if problems on the website occur?
- If you have problems with the operation of the website, please delete the so-called temporary cookies. These files, remembered by web browsers, can be deleted via browser options.

Is WI-FI on board the bus?
- Yes, you can use the free Wi-Fi on the coaches. Unfortunately, for now, WI-FI is available only in Poland.

What do our vehicles look like?
- We invite you to check our image gallery. There are photos of our buses available there.